Side Stand Bypass Dongle 690/701/1090/1290

KTM/Husqvarna has gone to great lengths to provide a side stand sensor that cannot be tampered with.  If this sensor is to fail (or you lose the magnet) while in the field you WILL be left stranded. This product defeats the sensor and has saved countless rides from ending early. Don't get stranded with out one.....


  • Husqvarna 701 - Enduro & SMC & Vitpilen (2017+ Only)
  • KTM 690 - Enduro & SMC (2019+ Only)
  • KTM 690 - Duke (2016+ Only)
  • KTM 1090 - All years
  • KTM 1290 - 2017+ Only

The factory sensor does not allow gear engagement without the side stand in the "UP" position. While we understand the safety aspect there are a few issues. This is not a simple roadside repair like the old days where you cut the switch off and twisted wires together or even dug up a proper resistor to temporarily alleviate the problem. This is a 50% duty cycle square wave that would be almost impossible to duplicate without proper hardware, an oscilloscope, and knowledge in circuits/electronics. 

Carry one of these dongles on your bike for a little piece of mind should the OEM product fail. 

WARNING: This product is to be carried as a spare part and used to get you and your bike to safety when the OEM sensor fails. It is not to be installed while your OEM side stand sensor is operating normally as this allows the bike to engage gears with the side stand still in the down position which can result in property damage and/or injury. By purchasing this product you agree to assume full liability. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Side Stand Bypass Dongle 690/701/1090/1290

Works as it should

Easy to install. Only took a couple of minutes and worked perfect.

Side stand Dongle

The dongle was installed in minutes and works fine. Now I do not risk being trapped in the middle of nowhere with no ability to start. Excellent!

Life saver

It’s a “must have” under the seat . . Just hope I don’t ever have to use it 😬

Emergency Bypass Dongle for Sidestand Sensor.

I was at a KTM Adventure Rally where a tech was going to check out my tuning. When he lifted the bike on a MX stand, he accidentally broke the tab that positions the side stand sensor. He spent a half hour trying to figure out why the bike wouldn't start up on the stand. When they realized the magnet had been damaged, they didn't have a replacement. I reached into my tool bag and handed them my Vanasche bypass dongle which got the bike started again. They ended up swapping a the magnet holder off one of their demo bikes, fixing that one by taping it in place. A good application for JB weld. Anyway, Deacon and I kept riding, and besides carrying the Vanasche dongle I also carry two extra magnet holders, which cost less than $5 each. However, if the sensor itself dies, only the dongle will get you out of nowhere.

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