Side Stand Bypass Dongle - 790

With the new era of over-complicated side stand sensors it is easy to be left stranded by a non-functioning safety device. Our product solves that inconvenience.


  • KTM 790 Adventure R/S - All Years

The Dongle is equipped with a toggle switch which allows the rider to switch between Safe Mode (factory setting) and Bypass Mode where the sidestand sensor is ignored.

Many aggressive off-road riders choose to bypass this safety switch off the pavement due to the engine cutting out if the sidestand/kickstand is bumped downward momentarily. If you case a jump and engine cuts out due to sidestand inadvertently flicking downward you'll likely end up over the bars....its happened to us here. There is a time and a place for this safety device but likewise for it to be turned off. Please read the below document for a more thorough description.

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