Side Stand Bypass Dongle - 790/890

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With the new era of over-complicated side stand sensors it is easy to be left stranded by a non-functioning safety device. Our product solves that inconvenience.


  • KTM 790 Adventure R/S - All Years

The Dongle is equipped with a toggle switch which allows the rider to switch between Safe Mode (factory setting) and Bypass Mode where the sidestand sensor is ignored.

Many aggressive off-road riders choose to bypass this safety switch off the pavement due to the engine cutting out if the sidestand/kickstand is bumped downward momentarily. If you case a jump and engine cuts out due to sidestand inadvertently flicking downward you'll likely end up over the bars....its happened to us here. There is a time and a place for this safety device but likewise for it to be turned off. Please read the below document for a more thorough description.

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Performs as Advertised

Thank you for the review. The toggle and connections are not sealed. The circuit board and soldered terminations are podded in electrical/waterproof podding compound within the switch. We could supply waterproof connectors but most people don't have the specialty crimping tools required. The units have been tested for multiple days submerged in water without failure.

Ktm side stand fix

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