Cyclops - Multi-Function Indicators - 350-701


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Cyclops is the undisputed leader in LED lighting technology in the Adventure market.  Their new Multi Function Turn Signals are a great example of what they can do for you and your ride. These ruggedly built LED turn signals not only handle the typical chore of signal functionality but they also increase your visibility by functioning as daytime running and additional brake lights. All signals come with Factory Connectors for ease of installation. 


  • Includes Necessary Diode for 350cc-701cc Models Models
  • Both Turn Signal and Brake Light Functionality
  • Front Turn Signals feature Bright White Running and Amber Turn Signal illumination
  • Rear Turn Signals feature Bright Red Brake and Amber Turn Signal illumination OR Bright Red Running and Amber Turn Signal illumination
  • Sequential Blinker Functionality
  • Factory Connectors
  • Smaller than OEM Signals
  • Durable yet flexible stalk bends back 90 degrees or more

NOTE: On some models your turn signal dash indicator may not blink. It will illuminate letting your know your turn signals are in use but may not flash.

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Much Improvement over stock.

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