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Minimalist Pannier Racks V2.0 - HUSQ 701

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This has been a long project in the making and we are stoked to finally be releasing our new hybrid Version 2.0 Minimalist Pannier Racks for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro/SMC!!! 

We've combined the strength of our proven "Standard" pannier racks (double down tubes) with the narrow profile of our highly sought after "Minimalist" pannier racks to  produce a new product that every rider can benefit from.

These new slimline hybrid off-road racks act as luggage support, push/pull handles, crash bars, and rear subframe/tank support all in one product! These new racks are much stronger than our previous minimalist version and ONLY 1 lb heavier. We still consider them a very lightweight product being 3 lbs lighter than our standard version pannier racks which were aleady leading the way as being one of the lightest on the market. 

We've done everything in our power to keep these low profile, tight to the bike, maintaining similar factory lines and most importantly the heritage of the 701. This bike was built to rip and we strived to not take away that aspect (ie by not adding big bulky obtrusive steel frames). 

These pannier racks are an ideal solution for running luggage systems keeping the 701 in it's inherent lean mean physique. Works with Mosko's R80/40, Giant Loop and other saddle style luggage systems but really makes a great match for standard style soft bags that carry weight much lower like Giant Loop's Moto Trekk's, Giant Loop's Siskyou's, Wolfman Rocky Mountain Expeditions, Enduristan and Nelson Rigg just to name a few. 

These are not the traditional large rectangular frames so if you are looking to run big heavy hard cases this is not the product for you. These are more of an extension to the plastics supporting low slung bags to keep them out of the swingarm and rear wheel. Learn how to travel light, carry weight LOW on the bike, and you'll never look back at the old ways! 


  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro & SMC - All Years
  • Requires PerunMoto Tail Rack
  • Does NOT maintain passenger pegs


  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with PerunMoto Tail Rack - select appropriate option if you do not yet have the correct tail rack
  • 3/4" (19mm) OD Tubing
  • Premium Semi-Gloss Black Powder Coat
  • All Necessary Alloy Hardware and Aluminum Spacers
  • A cross bar located near the footpeg mount provides anchor point for lower luggage strap
  • Prevents luggage from contacting exhaust
  • Proven crash bars for the rear end of the bike
  • Provides 'handles' to push/pull the bike through the muck or just your garage
  • Provides additional strength to the subframe/tank

  • Total Weight for 1 SET of Pannier Racks is 9 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
M Kym
V 2.0 Pannier Rack for 701

The Perun Tail Rack was previously installed on my 701 LR. Installation is very easy with four bolts per side and four Shims/Spacers. I used orange thread lock, snug tight with a 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Installation looks great and functional, not clunky. Well done Vanasche. Worth the wait.

Absolutely perfect for Adv riding.

This is what 701 was missing. Racks are truly minimalist and follow the lines of the bike perfectly. No interfering with the rider even on gnarliest trails. I am lucky to have various luggage systems and so far, I have tried these with Mosko Reckless 40 and 80 and with Giant Loop Great Basin - perfect fits with all of these. And rear part of the rack stays free, so there is finally a grab handle , even with rack-less bags installed.