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690/700/701 Adventure Footpegs

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Oversized Billet Footpegs machined from 7075 High Strength Aerospace Grade Aluminum paired with your choice of tread plate. Comfort & Control were the primary focus points in creating this product.


  • KTM 690 - All Years
  • Husqvarna 701 - All Years
  • GasGas 700 - All Years


  • 3/4" Lower than Factory
  • 1/4" Rearward Position
  • The tread area is oversized: 2-3/8" Width x 3-7/8" Length
  • 7075 Aluminum Alloy is Double the strength of 6061
  • Includes new pair of cotter pins & springs
  • Lifetime Warranty (see warranty page for details)
  • Design Change - The set screw pattern and traction plate design for all colors now looks like the pictured 'silver' footpeg. We working to get new images of all other colors. 

Trying to decide which tread plate? Here are the basic differences:

The dowel pins don't 'bite' into the sole of the footwear as much. Ideal for softer soled shoes like work boots, hiking shoes, etc... These are geared more for the commuter or gravel road rider (not recommended for wet environments or hard soled motorcycle boots where you need the sharp biting edge of the set screws for proper traction). 

The set screws offer superior traction and gives you the ability to change out lengths and effectively alter the angle of the surface. The setscrew plates offer the highest level of grip/traction. Each set of setscrew pegs comes with an entire set of 10mm and 12mm long screws as well as new cotter pins and an allen wrench. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
Charles Jansing
Tenere Adventure Footpags

Excellent fit and finish on the Adventure Footpegs. Two set of screws for different hieght.

Andrew, Lead Instructor with RIDE Adventures
Great solution for tall guys

I've installed the Vanasche lowered rally pegs on both 790 Adventure R's I've owned. Besides looking great and giving you a much better platform to control the bike, if you are in the 5'11" plus height range these pegs are a game changer. They make the sitting riding position more comfortable for your knees and when standing the whole bike just feels better suited to your height. Highly recommend them. Install couldn't be easier. I often have tall students asking about bar risers....I always suggest starting with lower pegs first, Vanasche pegs are excellent.

Rob Lindberg
Just What I Needed

Perfect size and much better than OEM. Super high quality and looks fantastic on the bike. These along with the Vanasche risers make for great stand up riding (and better when seated as well with a little less knee bend) that feels much more like a dirt bike when off road. Grip is so much better... Love em!

Justin Sprunger
Perfect Size, Perfect Pegs

Size matters and these pegs are absolutely the perfect size for the adventure segment.
I feel planted and totally in control. Standing or sitting my feet are comfortable.
High quality and well made, would definitely recommend.

mike krueger
Husqvarna 701SM footpegs & case savor

Can’t say enough good things about Vanasche! Shipping was fast, fitmint was spot on, quality is amazing, and it’s made in the US. What more could you really ask for. I will be adding a few more parts in the future