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Our Story



Vanasche Motorsports was established in 2014 by the current owner/operator - Andrew Vanasche.

I am a motorcycle enthusiast, a degreed Mechanical Engineer, and I have a strong passion for traveling abroad. I have been involved with motorcycles all my life and fell in love with adventure riding back in 2012. With the onset of some concerning health issues, I decided to take a 6-month hiatus from my engineering career and ride from Oregon to Argentina on my trusty Suzuki DRZ 400. With the clock ticking I felt the need to do some real living and I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything in the world.

I built my own pannier racks and tail rack for the journey, blogged about the excursion while on the road and found a lot of interest from readers in the products that I had crafted. Upon my return I started this company in 2014 primarily producing custom pannier racks out of my garage while maintaining an engineering job. After 2 years of many long nights and weekends I was able to afford my first CNC milling machine from the pannier rack proceeds….6 months of reading/learning/practicing with my new machine I launched my first machined billet aluminum product. Today I am proud to say, and most of our customer base would attest to the fact, that our product line exceeds the majority of aftermarket in terms of machine quality, fitment, design, and function. 

I have been building bikes all my life for my own personal use but it is my professional background that has provided a rock solid foundation on which to build this company. Much of my career has been spent in the heavy industrial sector designing/building automated production machinery...through this I have studied and learned a great deal in the areas of material science, welding engineering, FEA analysis, GD&T, etc.... I have also held positions in production and construction management which has aided the backend for organization, customer communication, cost analysis, and all of the other 'behind the scene' facets of operating a company.  

Our Products

All of our products serve a purpose whether it is for protection, ergonomics, comfort, strength, or performance. We set ourselves apart through unique designs that are not only functional but offer something aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I take great pride in our workmanship and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of our products. Having been the user of many aftermarket bike products 

Make no mistake, every single VM branded product in our store is designed in house and manufactured right here in the USA supporting not only our local Oregon economy but those across numerous states that supply the raw materials, tooling, machinery, etc...we have no affiliation with the copycat companies or even the US based companies that are importing the knockoff versions of our products. 

Our Customers

Although I am proud to have grown this business from nothing but hard work and perseverance, I could not have done it without our wonderful customer base. We are elated to have customers reaching across the globe that share the same enjoyment that we get from motorcycle adventures. Many of you have offered help via design suggestions, rigorous product testing in the race circuits, and general support through encouragement. I am elated to be able to work with (and ride with) such a great community that has been largely supportive of this small operation.