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KTM/Husqvarna has gone to great lengths to provide a side stand sensor that cannot be tampered with.  If this sensor is to fail (or you lose the magnet) while in the field you WILL be left stranded. This product defeats the sensor and has saved countless rides from ending early. Don't get stranded with out one.....

Please read the fitment descriptions carefully and then select the appropriate SKU above. These are two very different dongles and apply to specific makes/models and country designation. If you are in doubt, check the parts fiche and find the factory sensor part number for your motorcycle or just send us an email.  


  • US Model 2017-2022 Husqvarna 701 - Enduro & SMC & Vitpilen
  • EU Model 2017-2020 Husqvarna 701 - Enduro & SMC & Vitpilen
  • US Model 2019-2022 KTM 690 - Enduro & SMC
  • EU Model 2019-2020 KTM 690 - Enduro & SMC
  • All Models 2016-2019 KTM 690 Duke
  • All Models KTM 1090 - All years
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure - 2015-2020
  • KTM 1290 Duke - 2017-2019


  • EU Model 2021-2022 Husqvarna 701 - Enduro & SMC
  • EU Model 2021-2022 KTM 690 - Enduro & SMC
  • All Models GasGas 700 - Enduro & SMC
  • All Models 2008-2018 KTM 690 Enduro & SMC 
  • All Models 2016 Husqvarna 701 - Enduro & SMC
  • All Models 2021-2022 KTM 1290
  • All Models KTM 690 Duke – 2008-2015
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure - 2021-2022
  • KTM 1290 Duke 2014-2016 AND 2020-2022

These dongles replace the factory sensor. You can locate your sidestand sensor behind the sidestand pivot point. Trace the wire from sensor upward until you get to the connector (typically located around throttle body area). With ignition off, unplug the sensor and plug in the correct dongle. 

WARNING: This product is to be carried as a spare part and used to get you and your bike to safety when the OEM sensor fails. It is not to be installed while your OEM side stand sensor is operating normally as this allows the bike to engage gears with the side stand still in the down position which can result in property damage and/or injury. By purchasing this product you agree to assume full liability. 

Customer Reviews

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Vanasche Goodness/Lifesaver!

The folks at Vanasche are always coming up with quality parts for the off road/dual sport/adventure community and make themselves available for any questions or support you may need. Sidestand bypass dongle can be a lifesaver. I learned my lesson on a 7 day ride down into copper canyon. We were about 4 days in when the bike would not start after a break on the trail. Spent about 10 hours of trying to identify the issue, had to have the bike brought back in a locals pickup truck and then home. Only to later find out a rock had kicked up, damaged the switch and ended the ride for myself and my riding buddy.

Very expensive lesson, now it’s the very first thing I do on a new scoot. Save yourself the aggravation and get the bypass! Thank you Vanasche!!

Roman Ganczarczyk

Excelent!!! the owner is very kind, the complaint was resolved without a problem

Very fast delivery. EZ install

Plug and play! Doesn’t get much easier than this!

christopher barney
Side Stand Dongle - I can now sleep better

Title says it all. No more nightmares about being embarrassed having to call a friend to come get me because the ridiculous side stand sensor failed.

Prud'homme Kenneth

For me is working perfectly. No need the switch on the clutch lever as well so is less electronic.

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