PerunMoto - Subframe Reinforcement Kit

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KTM 690 Enduro/SMC suffer from known and documented problem with weak upper subframe (tank) bolts. This kit minimizes chance of failure of upper subframe (tank) bolts, by preventing free play in lower tank joint and by improving quality and design of upper tank joint. 


  • 2014-On KTM 690 Enduro & SMC
  • All model year Husqvarna 701 Enduro & SMC


Upper assembly:

  • Upper bolt caps(qty. 2) are made of AISI 4140 steel, heat treated (for added strength) then zinc coated (rust protection). That makes them virtually indestructible. Size of the head is standard – 27 mm, same as front axle nut. There is M6 threaded hole for OEM bolt holding plastic fairing. Bolt cap is designed to be slim so plastic fairing is not sticking out more then it does when OEM upper bolt is used.
  • Upper bolts (qty. 2 + optional 2) are 12.9 machine bolts, zinc coated. These are much stronger then OEM upper tank bolts. 25 mm long, so 15 mm is threaded into the bolt cap, when properly torqued. NOTE: in kits for 2014-on bikes additional button head bolts are provided - those are for Husqvarna 701 bikes. 

Lower assembly:

  • Lower bushings (qty. 2) are made of strong plastic - polyamide with molybdenum, much stronger then OEM rubber lower bushings, yet gentle enough to be in close contact with plastic tank (rubber OEM upper bushings are kept, because completely rigid tank-frame connection wont be a good thing). Slightly different size, so they fit better.
  • Sleeve(qty. 1) is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, without internal thread.
  • Lower bolt (qty. 1) design is only difference between kit for 2008-2013 and 2014-on bikes. For 2008-2013 bikes high quality M8x140 allen head 12.9 zinc coated bolt is provided. For 2014-on bikes custom M8x155 countersunk 10.9 zinc coated bolt is provided. 
  • Washers (qty. 1) are standard large M8 steel zinc coated washers andnut(qty. 1) is standard M8 steel zinc coated safety nut.

Customer Reviews

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John Halliwell
KTM 690 sub frame

Great kit, easy to fit. Fast delivery to Australia

Much improved over OEM bolts.

Three stars for the stupid high cost of this kit. The cost of the Rally Raid kit is about the same when you include postage from the UK.

Torry Kilcoyne

PerunMoto - Subframe Reinforcement Kit

David scarantino
Expensive for what you get.

I can understand why the lower spacers are replaced. Mine were deformed. I couldn’t understand why the upper hardware was replaced. The oem part looked good and higher quality. ( Unless the threads were cracking.) A lot of the hardware could be found at any hardware store that carries metric ,or McMaster Carr or MSC. for a lot less.

Has anyone tried these on 2018 KTM 690 Enduro R ?
Rockstar support

My go to store for specialized parts for my KTM 690. Always great support. Very knowledgeable.

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