Adventure Footpegs

Traction Style

Oversized Billet Footpegs machined from 7075 High Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum paired with your choice of tread plate.


  • KTM 690 - All Years
  • Husqvarna 701 - All Years
  • KTM 790/1090/1190/1290 - All Years


  • 3/4" Lower than Factory
  • 5/16" Rearward Position
  • The tread area is oversized: 2-3/8" Width x 3-7/8" Length
  • 7075 Aluminum Alloy is Double the strength of 6061
  • Includes new pair of cotter pins (factory springs are reused)

Trying to decide which tread plate? Here are the basic differences:

The dowel pins offer more surface area so we consider them more comfortable for longer periods of standing as they don't dig into the boot quite as much. Ideal for softer soled shoes (not recommended for hard soled MX boots where you need the 'Bite' of the set screws). 

The set screws offer superior traction and gives you the ability to change out lengths and effectively alter the angle of the surface. The setscrew plates offer the highest level of grip/traction. Each set of setscrew pegs comes with an entire set of 10mm and 12mm long screws as well as new cotter pins and an allen wrench. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Quality Part

Vanasche never disappoints!


Received my parts in a timely manner. Excellent craftsmanship. When I called the guys were extremely helpful. Can't wait to order a few more items that are in my shopping cart.

Great footpegs

I already had a set of these on my Husqvarna 701 and have been very happy for the last couple of years. I had been running Fastway pegs for a larger footprint and a lower position on my 1190 Adventure R. I recently got back on my 1190 after having my left leg amputated. With the existing footpegs I would accidentally upshift when I stood up. When I moved my foot out I was unsure how much peg was under my foot. The Vanasche pegs resolved all this. It lowered the position from the stock position and gave me a much larger platform for my foot. I can now move my foot out and avoid accidental shifts. I ran larger pins at the outside and shorter pins inside. This gives me feedback of how far out my foot is without looking. As with all Vanasche products the build quality and aesthetics are first class. I have a lot of his products and they have all held up and been excellent


Delivered accurately and on-time. Quality is awesome...

Sturdy lower pegs for KTM 790 Adventure

I bought the version with pins instead of Allen screws because I anticipate riding as much on the street as in the dirt. The lower position of these pegs promises to provide improved comfort for my bad knee, as it will not be flexed quite as much.
It also promises improved stability and turning, by lowering body weight when standing in technical terrain, and the wider footpeg platform will give more leverage when pushing on the inside peg to make the bike lean.

Awesome, Thank you!

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