Adventure Footpegs

Traction Style

Oversized Billet Footpegs machined from 7075 High Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum paired with your choice of tread plate.


  • KTM 690 - All Years
  • Husqvarna 701 - All Years
  • GasGas 700 - All Years
  • KTM 790/890/1090/1190/1290 - All Years
  • Husqvarna 901 Norden - All Years


  • 3/4" Lower than Factory
  • 5/16" Rearward Position
  • The tread area is oversized: 2-3/8" Width x 3-7/8" Length
  • 7075 Aluminum Alloy is Double the strength of 6061
  • Includes new pair of cotter pins (factory springs are reused)
  • Lifetime Warranty (see warranty page for details)

Trying to decide which tread plate? Here are the basic differences:

The dowel pins offer more surface area so we consider them more comfortable for longer periods of standing as they don't dig into the boot quite as much. Ideal for softer soled shoes (not recommended for hard soled MX boots where you need the 'Bite' of the set screws). 

The set screws offer superior traction and gives you the ability to change out lengths and effectively alter the angle of the surface. The setscrew plates offer the highest level of grip/traction. Each set of setscrew pegs comes with an entire set of 10mm and 12mm long screws as well as new cotter pins and an allen wrench. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Stephen Young
Solid as a rock

I wasn’t too sure what the quality of these footpegs would be, but I have to confess to being VERY impressed with them. Big, solid, visually appealing and a very worthwhile purchase

Louis Legault
Adventure Footpegs

I installed the Vanasche 1” risers and Adventure footpegs on my KTM 890 Adventure and immediately felt like the cockpit was able to accommodate my upright riding position! I am 6’2” and no longer feel like I’m reaching for the handlebars and could stand all day! Thanks for the previous reviewers for your input.

Alex Tamayo
Great footpegs……

So far so good have ridden about 600 miles on them, the larger footprint is welcomed and they have excellent grip for off-road riding. Just needed to adjust gear lever to account for lower peg position. Easy adjustment. Happy with purchase!!!

Lee Rome
making room in the wheelhouse

These pegs are perfect for me. As a tall rider they give me 3/4” more vertical, 5/8” back, and with the addition of 2” bar risers on the Norden, I now have a commodious wheelhouse. A truly well made product. Thanks

Todd Williams
Transformed the bike

Saw these on the Dork in the Road channel and thought, "I need these!"

And I did! Holy cow, these and the bar risers transformed the standing experience on my Norden. It's a lot more comfortable. The parts are well made and look amazing as well.

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