Bar Riser Submount - 701

Bar Height

Say goodbye to twisted bars! A rock solid solution for the Husqvarna 701. .

This is simply a portion of our Scott's submount kit. You can now just purchase the riser system without the additional parts necessary for mountings a Scott's Damper. You can also add the frame bracket/tower/pin at a later time for use with the Scott's should you want to. 


  • Relaxed Ergonomics from increased bar height (15mm or 30mm)
  • Immediate confidence boost with more race inspired control/feeling
  • Two bar offsets (fwd/rwd) are achievable by flipping risers 180*
  • Narrow submount allows clearance for fork tubes allowing you to slide the forks up if front end lowering is desired
  • Solid Aluminum Cone Inserts
  • 12mm Alloy Bolts
  • Billet Machined Submount, Risers, Top Clamp all anodized in black color
  • Works with 1-1/8" diameter bars only

The factory bar setup with rubber cones, 10mm bolts, and thin aluminum components leaves much to be desired.

We replace the factory rubber cones with aluminum inserts in favor of a rigid bar setup and replace the mounting bolts with larger 12mm alloy socket head cap screws. The subplate, risers, and top clamp are machined from billet aluminum and anodized black.

Select from the two bar rise amounts listed (+15mm or +30mm). The riser blocks are reversible allowing for a forward/rearward offset.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daniel Vogel
All Parts

I have a lot of Vanasche Motorsport parts on my 701 enduro and I am impressed with the quality of all of them. The one thing I always hated about the 701 was when I crash (alot) , the handlebars would twist. He has now solved this issue and I absolutely love it. Another thumbs up for Vanasche Motorsports.

Michael Wallace
Simple and effective

I’m a tall guy and with the stock bar risers I was too bent over when standing up on the trails. I went with the 30 mm risers and they have helped a lot. Installation was simple and straightforward

andrew nuckolls
Feels like a new bike!

I got tired of obsessing over my cockpit configuration and handlebar setup (seemed like bars were bent) Installed rigid mount bar riser clamp with 15mm rise, ( found stock riser bolt bent) and can’t believe the feeling of confidence I was missing due to out of whack controls. Looks great on the bike. Customer service here is awesome too! Made a call to them to help eliminate buyers confusion and all my questions were answered by someone who genuinely cares about their products and customers. Thanks.

Tysonn Silva
Easy install

2021 701 enduro. I'm no pro. I'm not a mechanic. But this part is beautiful, well made and easy to install.I will say, for anyone reading this, the long screws under the bar have locktight on them and take force to "break" when undoing. But it went well and was easy! Great product.

Campbell Vidgen
Great bar mount

So much better than other aftermarket mounts . Very stable platform with no movement . Had issues with other aftermarket risers twisting . Highly recommend . Great quality product and easy to instal

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