GL Tail Rack

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Giant Loop’s Tail Rack bolts to plastic rear fender, creating solid anchor points for Giant Loop gear. Includes full stainless steel mounting hardware kit. Quick, easy installation. Fits virtually every dirt, dualsport and enduro bike.


  • Dimensions: 5″ wide x 8″ long x .5″ tall
  • Includes 4x stainless steel button head bolts, 4x stainless steel nylock nuts, 4x stainless steel washers, 4x aluminum spacers
  • Weight: 8oz including hardware
  • Capacity: Limit total load to 10 lbs. maximum. Designed to provide secure anchor points for Giant Loop Saddlebags, NOT to support heavy loads.
  • Multiple webbing attachment slots.
  • Four wire-gate closures to prevent webbing from disconnecting even when riding in the roughest terrain.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Baldwin
Great product and easy shipping to the UK

Yeap, very well made/designed. Easy to fit.
I'm in the UK, and shipping from the US was cheap enough and really quick.

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