Steering Stabilizer Submount - 701

Bar Height
Scott's Performance Stabilizer (Off-road Version)

*Frame bracket has changed for Long Range Version. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE BUYING THIS KIT FOR AN LR so we can provide the correct frame bracket. 

A simple robust solution for the Husqvarna 701 that allows for a choice of bar heights and an under bar mounted Scott's Performance steering stabilizer. The factory bar setup with rubber cones, 10mm bolts, and thin aluminum components leaves much to be desired. We replace the factory rubber cones with aluminum inserts in favor of a rigid bar setup and replace the mounting bolts with larger 12mm alloy socket head cap screws. Say goodbye to lazy steering and twisted bars during dirt naps. 


  • Husqvarna 701 Enduro & SMC (all years)
  • Husqvarna 701 Long Range* (see note above)


  • Relaxed Ergonomics from increased bar height (15mm or 30mm)
  • Immediate confidence boost with more race inspired control/feeling
  • Two bar offsets (fwd/rwd) are achievable by flipping risers 180*
  • Narrow submount allows clearance for fork tubes allowing you to slide the forks up if front end lowering is desired
  • Solid Aluminum Cone Inserts
  • 12mm Alloy Bolts
  • Billet Machined Submount, Risers, Top Clamp & Tower Bracket all anodized in black color
  • Scott's Tower & Pin are included in each kit
  • Works with Scott's Steering Stabilizer 
  • Works with 1-1/8" diameter bars only


  • If you order this kit with a Scott's stabilizer everything necessary is included.
  • You may order the risers, top clamp, and frame bracket separately. This DOES include the Scott's tower and pin.
  • You must have a Scott's damper AND the -5mm open ended stepped link arm to work with this kit. The stepped arm is Scott's P/N - PR-LKM-4032-35.

Customer Reviews

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Vanasche Submount, Risers, and Scotts Dampner Husqvarna 701
Thank you so much James! It's a pleasure to get this feedback....makes it feel worth while :)
Great simple submount
Thank you for notifying us Adam! We have adjusted the design and now the front bracket fits without interference (or modification)! The new version is on its way to you now.
701 Scott Steering Stabilizer Mount

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